Healthy Living

Healthy Living

Living a healthy life in modern America is a great challenge. At every turn, we are tempted by fast food and vending machines. Processed foods abound in grocery stores to the point where finding natural and healthy foods is a chore. Compounding this problem is the speed at which the modern world runs. We have less time than ever to search out whole foods and to prepare them in a healthy, balanced way. This is where Vacucraft comes to the rescue. Vacucraft vacuum sealed food containers employ technology that enables the consumer to store wet/dry foods five times longer than before without sacrificing flavor, freshness, or nutritional value. Vacucraft enables the consumer to eat healthy, balanced meals wherever they may be. Now you can take fresh, healthy, home-cooked meals with you anywhere. Vacucraft is BPA free and is completely safe for wet and hot foods. Vacucraft containers are virtually indestructible and totally safe, making it an invaluable part of your child’s lunch box. The versatility, durability, and functionality of Vacucraft containers make it one of the best investments you can make for your kitchen.


Diet is by far the most important aspect to healthy living. Eating unprocessed foods, non-GMO foods, and organic fruits and vegetables builds a solid foundation for a healthy life. Do that within the food pyramid and 2,000 calories recommended by the USDA and you can expect a long, healthy life.


Water is a necessity that we all too often exchange for soda and coffee. Water is necessary to transport vital nutrients to cells, to maintain proper blood volume, and to regulate body temperature. The recommended Mayo Clinic daily intake is 3 Liters for men and 2.2 Liters for women. Feel better; stick to water.


According to the CDC, the recommended amount of sleep is 8 hours daily. It is important to maintain a regular sleep schedule. This is more important than ever now that world never sleeps.


Exercise is more than a calorie burning activity…it is rest for the mind and soul. Furthermore, exercise can take you outdoors where there is fresh air and sunshine. Exercise with others to make it a social event. No matter the activity or the time of day, you can’t lose with exercise.