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Did you know that BPA is Toxic and Can Harm Your Health?

Many of the plastics that we encounter in our daily lives, from toys to storage products, are created with Bisphenol A (BPA), a toxic chemical. What is most alarming is that this toxic chemical is often found in the plastics that we use to store our food! Research reveals that these harmful toxins can seep into our food and beverages and enter our bodies. The effects of these harmful toxins can be detrimental to our brain, bodies, and overall health. For this reason, all Vacucraft products are absolutely BPA free; we only use the best materials when creating our products. Vacucraft products are made from high quality plastic such as Tritan, known for its strength and durability, or Borosilicate glass made from durable and resistant materials. Our products store and preserve your food without affecting its taste or more importantly, without negatively affecting your health.

What do we need in order to survive?

Air, food, and water of course! Ironically, although air is necessary for human survival, it can be detrimental to our other necessary factor for existence - food! Air causes food to oxidize faster, making it lose its natural flavor and nutritional value. Air also allows for mold and bacteria to develop causing food to spoil quicker. Vacucraft's vacuum sealed technology maintains food fresher longer by extracting air that causes food to spoil. Our airtight containers remove air, while preserving the natural moisture and flavor of your food. No air = fresh food!

You work hard for the money you earn and as such want to find value in the products you buy.

Vacucraft recognizes this! It is for this very reason that we design our products with the primary goal of making it easy for you to preserve your food longer while saving you money in the process. Our high quality food preservation technology extends the life of your food up to 5 times longer than regular storage containers resulting in less food costs and more savings! You no longer have to feel guilty about throwing away the ridiculously expensive produce that spoils two days after you buy it. With Vacucraft products, both your food and your money can last you longer!

Leak Proof

You don't have enough room in your fridge and you're afraid that you'll find noodles and carrots in your deli drawer from the chicken soup that will spill if you store it sideways in a regular storage container. Worrying about spilled liquids is a thing of the past once you use Vacucraft storage containers! From sauces to protein shakes, any and all liquids are all perfectly preserved in our leak proof containers. Their airtight leak proof seal can even be considered kid-proof!

Stain Proof

Italian food lovers love their pasta but hate the orange ring of tomato sauce residue that permanently sticks to their plastic containers when they heat their food in the microwave. They also hate the endless hours of soaking and scrubbing the stains or the money they spent on replacement containers when they realized their time spent on soaping and washing was futile. Well, thanks to Vacucraft containers, they can eat pasta with red sauce to their heart's content without having to worry about excessive cleaning or wasting money on replacement containers. Vacucraft uses only the best quality plastic, which aside from preserving your food, also preserves its clear and glossy shine use after use (no soaking or scrubbing necessary!)

In the same way that storing your food is as easy as 1, 2, 3,

Vacucraft containers are just as easy to clean! Our high quality containers are made from durable and resistant materials which are scratch and dent proof; they are virtually indestructible making them perfectly suitable for the dishwasher. Our sturdy containers are made to withstand multiple cleaning cycles and still maintain their glossy shine and clarity. Cleaning your Vacucraft containers is a breeze: 1. Remove excess food. 2. Place lids and containers in dishwasher. 3. Close dishwasher door and start cycle. Done!

Microwave Safe

Dinnertime is complicated enough; from planning out your meals to actually shopping for, preparing, and cooking your food, there's a lot of work involved! Rid yourself of some of this excess effort in the way you store your leftovers. Vacucraft containers are all microwave safe; with the same versatile container you can conveniently go from the fridge to the microwave without much hassle. Last night's lasagna becomes today's lunch with just the push of a few buttons. You can easily heat any of your glass or plastic Vacucraft containers in the microwave*; this is just one more way that Vacucraft products save your food, money, and even your time! *Warning: Do not place lids in microwave.


Vacucraft containers come in an array of shapes and sizes that not only make food storing easy but make storing the containers easy too! Most containers are stackable and fit in any kitchen cabinet or pantry. By stacking containers you can occupy less space in your pantry to make room for more important things - all the food you will use to fill the containers!