Vacucraft understands that the consumption of food is more than just satisfying hunger. What we choose to eat directly impacts our bodies, our minds, and our money. We invite you to transform your life starting by the way you think about food!

Many people know about the benefits of eating natural and organic food but are faced with the reality that healthy non-processed food can be expensive, and many simply cannot afford it. This leads to the consumption of inexpensive food which is often highly processed and loaded with fat, sodium, and sugar. What ultimately occurs is that people base their food choices on money instead of health. Unfortunately, when making these considerations, quantity takes precedence over quality. But it doesn't have to be that way! You should not have to sacrifice your health because of money.

Vacucraft has created a solution to this problem − we have designed vacuum sealed food preservation containers that provide the best value for your money. Vacucraft products are unlike any other storage container in the market because our products not only store food, but they preserve it and preserve your money in the process. Our vacuum sealed technology maintains food fresher longer by extracting air that causes food to spoil. The end result is that food is replaced less frequently, saving you a substantial amount of money. When considering it that way, the containers pay for themselves many times over!

Health is our number one priority. In fact, Vacucraft's mission is to bring more awareness to health, vitality, and a more naturally sustainable lifestyle through products that reduce harmful toxins while preserving food. We recognize the harmful effects that inexpensive plastics can cause on our individual health and that of our planet. For this reason, we only use the best quality BPA free products − Tritan and Borosilicate glass. Tritan plastic is virtually indestructible. Its strength and durability guarantees an extended product life saving you hundreds of dollars that would have gone towards replacement containers that become easily warped and badly stained with microwave use.

Vacucraft's ultimate goal is to be an influential partner in the movement towards educating consumers about living healthy and sustainable lives and we do this through our range of quality products and our involvement with community.